Our Menu

Homemade Bagels

plain, sesame, whole wheat sesame, poppy, everything, whole wheat everything, whole wheat, marble, onion, garlic, cinnamon raisin, cinnamon crunch, honey 8 grain, 3 cheese.

Sold as :  Single bagel   1/2 Dozen   Baker’s Dozen

Cream Cheese Spreads
Plain, low fat plain, veggie, low fat veggie, scallion, jalapeno, sundried tomato, honey walnut, lox spread.

Tofu Spreads

Plain, jalapeno, veggie, scallion, sundried tomato (menu subject to change)

Breakfast Sandwiches

Sunrise Sandwich: Scrambled egg, choice of breakfast meat, choice of cheese

Tequila Sunrise: 2 Scrambled eggs, choice of meat, jalapeno cream cheese, tomato, onion

Vegan Tequila Sunrise: Baked Eggplant, freshly baked tempeh, jalapeno tofu spread, tomato, onion, avocado spread

The Jackson Crook: Choice of sundried tomato or scallion cream cheese, 2 pieces crisp bacon, tomato, onion

Lunch Sandwiches:  available on our freshly baked bagels

Create your own: Choose a sandwich meat and three toppings

Turkey Avocado Club: Turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss, avocado spread, choice of condiment

The Ike: Chicken salad, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, havarti cheese, with a bit of honey mustard

Nova Lox: Choice of bagel, nova lox, add tomato and onion?

The Chia Bagel: Veggie cream cheese or tofu spread, swiss cheese (optional), avocado spread, lettuce, sprouts, and a bit of honey mustard

The Joy of Soy: Choice of home made tofu spread, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, avocado

Spicy Chix: Chicken breast (cold cut), jalapeno cream cheese, tomato, cucumber

The Santa Monica: Nova lox, cream cheese, avocado

Avocado Dream: Avocado spread, sprouts, cucumber, tomato, havarti

Hammer of the Gods: Hot Pastrami, melted cheddar cheese, horseradish, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a bit of mayo

The Sahara:  Hummus, cucumber, sprouts, roasted red peppers, havarti cheese

Tuna Melt:  Tuna, lettuce, tomato, choice of melted cheese

New Yorker: Hot pastrami, melted swiss, spicy deli mustard, and a bit of red onion

Goldy’s Delicious Smoked Fish Combo: Nova lox, whitefish salad, cream cheese, tomato, onion

- All our spreads are available and packed to go!